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Internet vs Fireplace shop sales in Liverpool UK.

Liverpool Fires and Stoves Ltd say NO to Google Fireplace sales and want to secure local jobs in Liverpool, UK”

Are you thinking of looking for your fireplace on the internet?  Why surrender all your hard earned money to an out of town stranger, wait at home all day supplied with vague delivery times in the hope the courier company hasn’t dropped your fireplace on-route to your residence. It’s a well-known fact known to the UK fireplace trade that internet companies operate on small overheads and very small profit margins. With spiralling UK petrol prices and the introduction of 2011’s VAT increase, these profits are now eroded. It’s only a matter of time before they go bust leaving the customer with no backup and sometimes no products. And with no fixed place of business where does the customer take their grievance? Internet sales pick pocket the hard earned money off local Huyton fireplace showrooms and feather the nests of other UK cities.

In these uncertain economic times it’s important for the local economy to flourish and to safe guard Huyton jobs. We say secure local Huyton jobs – buy local. KEEP IT LOCAL. Only in the confounds of a bricks and mortar fireplace centre are you able to see it, feel it, touch the fireplace of your dreams. Granted price may win the day with some Google shoppers however to physically examine your fireplace and stand in front of the fire that’s going to warm you right through can’t be articulated over the telephone or fully appreciated on the internet. It’s likened trying to describe the colour orange to a blind folded person.


86 Liverpool Road,
Huyton, Liverpool L36 3RF. UK

More than 75% of our fires and fireplaces are developed using local skilled Huyton tradesmen and manufacturers safeguarding jobs and keeping important money in our city. All purchases MUST be completed in our Liverpool Fires and Stoves showroom, based in Liverpool.  We are open 5 days supplying gas fires, electric fires, fireplaces and multi fuel stoves to the Liverpool area. Liverpool Fires and Stoves offers a non-buying catalogue at
Joe Black

Liverpool Fires and Stoves Ltd  Opening Times:
Mon – Sat 10-5pm, (closed Wednesdays)

86 Liverpool Road, Huyton,
Liverpool L36 3RF. UK

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Flueless gas fires are the perfect hang on the wall, no chimney solution to instant warmth. The technologyprovides a very flexible solution for your house or apartment, allowing you to install a fire not only in the living room, but also the dining room, office, study or kitchen. All you need to enjoy these hang on the wall gas fires is a natural gas supply, the required minimum room size and adequate ventilation.

Flueless gas fire products are dedicated to energy efficient usage and comfortable lifestyles. With solutions for nearly every type of heating requirement, consumers can be confident in flueless gas fires total commitment to energy efficient products. That’s why so many people are turning to flueless gas fires fires to create a warm cosy atmosphere with reliability, style and little fuss. Flueless gas fires offer you an outstanding variety of products in a range of finishes including Stainless Steel effect trims, Brass effect trims, Chrome effect trims and Black trim options. Contemporary and traditional trims options for inset fires. Free standing flueless gas stove options, flueless plasma wall mounted flueless gas Fires, flueless gas Hang-on-the-Wall options and flueless gas inset fire options. This technology effectively ‘cleans’ the combustion gases, converting Carbon Monoxide into harmless Carbon Dioxide. Flueless gas fires incorporate an Oxygen Depletion Sensor ODS which will detect if oxygen levels are low in the room and cuts the gas supply. With a catalytic converter providing the safety of patented emissions technology concealed within the fire, there is no need for a flue or chimney.

Flueless Stoves.
Looking for a gas fire but don´t have a chimney or flue? Flueless fires are the perfect hang-on-the-wall, no chimney solution to instant warmth. The 100% efficient Burley Ambience flueless gas stove offer the look of a traditional wood burning stoves with the convenience of gas and can be situated anywhere in your home subject to minimum room sizes. The Burley Ambience is available for both natural gas or LPG and boasts a impressive 3.5kW heat output. As with all flueless gas fires, the freestanding Burley Ambience would require a 100cm2 air vent within the room where the fire is installed and a minimum 40m3 room size (length x width x height).

Landscape Flueless Gas Fires.
Landscape Glass fronted flueless wall hung gas fires offer the perfect balance of innovation and style. Gas output 2.0kw. Suitable for Class 1, Class 2 and Pre-Cast Flues. No Chimney or Flue.

Ensuring adequate ventilation in the room.
Check to see if an air brick/air vent is located in your room. Many new homes will already have one fitted. If your room does not have an air vent fitted that is a minimum of 100cm² vented directly to the outside, then one will need to be installed.


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