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Want to Save on Merseyside Gas Bills? – Buy A Modern Gas Fire.

Now Is The Best Time To Buy A Gas Fire and Save On Merseyside Gas Bills.

If you are unhappy with your gas fire and answer a YES to any of these questions, you should continue reading this blog from Liverpool Fires and Stoves Ltd based in Merseyside, Liverpool

Is your gas fire 5 years or older?

Does your current gas fire run away with the gas bills?

Did you have an air vent installed at the same time as your gas fire?

Have you ever had your gas fire serviced?

Have you lost the installer manual?

Have you have your fire coals longer than 2 years?

Are you tired of bending down to light your fire manually?

Is the brass fire fascia tarnished beyond repair?

It has never been a better time to purchase a new modern gas insert fire for your Merseyside home. Gas insert fires are better, warmer, safer and more gas efficient than ever. Over the last 5 years gas fires have been developed to be at the cutting edge of gas efficiency for the end user all leaning to saving money in the long run with gas bills. Modern user friendly fires have 3-sided ceramic sides inside the fire box which work with a similar ceramic fuel base to boost heat output into your room. In addition the top outlet of the fire which expels any harmful fumes is a third the size it used to be (going back more than 5 years ago). Rather than the outlet being on top of the fire box, it is now placed at the back of the fire, like a periscope. This is also designed to reduce annoying howling winding and debris falling from the chimney.

If these issues sound familiar then a modern gas fire is the solution to your old gas fire which may be 5 years or older making annoying winds and falling debris a thing of the past. Efficiency plays a big role in choosing the correct fire and all these new factors help to make a better, warmer fire for the end user. NOW is the best time to buy a new gas fire.

If you or somebody you know suffers from a bad back or find it difficult to kneel down to light your gas fire manually then help is at hand. Modern gas fires are now more user friendly with the choice of easy to use electronic manual control for outset fires, remote control, slide control and top button control buttons. Its time to make your life easy and be warm at night throughout your home without having to worry about rising gas bills and the uncomfortable fuss over lighting your gas fire.

Keeping your old coal set on your fire is now a thing of the past and a modern fire allows for a change of visual appearance any time in the future and with very little cost to you. Modern insert fires have the potential for future replacement fire trims and frets, only held by magnets and so easy to replace. More than 5 years ago fire trims where screwed and fixed to fire boxes with no room for change. Fuel beds where also a fixed unit however fuel beds today in modern fires can be changed too from coal beds to pebble fuel beds, or even to log fuel beds.

Many old fires* needed an air vent installed at the same time as the gas inset fire. Any fire under 7kw input does not require an air vent so replacing your fire or just simply the gas engine can now result in doing away with the air vent. *(Does not refer to flueless fires.) In the interest of safety your gas fire should be serviced subject to the manufacturers terms and conditions every 12 months.

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Dimplex is an established world leader, with hundreds of products dedicated to energy efficient usage and comfortable lifestyles. With solutions for nearly every type of heating requirement, consumers and specifiers alike can be confident in Dimplex’s total commitment to energy efficient products. That’s why so many people are turning to Dimplex Electric fires to create a warm cosy atmosphere with reliability, style and little fuss.

Dimplex fires offer you an outstanding variety of products in a range of finishes including Stainless Steel effect trims, Brass effect trim, Chrome effect trims. Flame effect can be used independently of the heat source. The Dimplex range include: Dimplex Electric Stoves, Dimplex Electric Plasma Fires, Dimplex Wall Mounted Fires, Dimplex Free Standing Fires, Hang-on-the-Wall Fires and Hearth Mounted Fireplaces.

Dimplex Amalfi,
Dimplex Delius,
Dimplex Zamora,
Dimplex SP5,
Dimplex SP6,
Dimplex Gilmore,
Dimplex Bizet,
Dimplex Exbury,
Dimplex Nardini,
Dimplex Carnevale,
Dimplex Castillo,
Dimplex X1,
Dimplex Elda,
Dimplex Obsidian,
Dimplex Chalbury,
Dimplex Cheriton,
Dimplex Navarra,
Dimplex Presada,
Dimplex SP4,
Dimplex SP8,
Dimplex SP9,
Dimplex chrome pebble fires,
Dimplex brass fires,
Dimplex Adagio,
Dimplex Ashington,
Dimplex Aspen,
Dimplex Avola,
Dimplex Barletta LE,
Dimplex Bexington LE,
Dimplex Horton,
Dimplex Longbourn,
Dimplex Montana,
Dimplex Mozart Black Suite,
Dimplex Mozart Stone Suite,
Dimplex Roda,
Dimplex Wynford.

The new generation of Dimplex Electric Fires are glass fronted, have lower running costs & higher efficiencies than previous models such as Dimplex Cassington Opti-myst Electric Stove, Dimplex Cadogan Opti-myst Electric Stove, Dimplex Chesford and Cavendish Opti-myst Electric Fire.

Opti-myst is a revolution in electric fire technology.Using unique state-of-the-art technology, Dimplex have created the most realistic flame and smoke effect ever seen in an electric fire – an illusion so effective that Dimplex believe it is difficult to distinguish it from the real thing. The fully 3-dimensional effect uses established ultrasonic technology adapted from commercial applications to create an ultra fine water mist that is illuminated to create the ‘flames’ and the ‘smoke’. This, combined with the Optiglo® glowing logs and shimmering ashbed, produces an effect that surpasses all expectations for realism in an electric fire.

This amazing effect is currently available in four new Dimplex fires:
• The Chesford inset fire with titanium effect finish
• The Cavendish inset fire with brass effect finish
• The Cadogan traditionally styled stove
• The Cassington contemporary styled stove

View these Dimplex Electric Fires at:

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Flueless gas fires are the perfect hang on the wall, no chimney solution to instant warmth. The technologyprovides a very flexible solution for your house or apartment, allowing you to install a fire not only in the living room, but also the dining room, office, study or kitchen. All you need to enjoy these hang on the wall gas fires is a natural gas supply, the required minimum room size and adequate ventilation.

Flueless gas fire products are dedicated to energy efficient usage and comfortable lifestyles. With solutions for nearly every type of heating requirement, consumers can be confident in flueless gas fires total commitment to energy efficient products. That’s why so many people are turning to flueless gas fires fires to create a warm cosy atmosphere with reliability, style and little fuss. Flueless gas fires offer you an outstanding variety of products in a range of finishes including Stainless Steel effect trims, Brass effect trims, Chrome effect trims and Black trim options. Contemporary and traditional trims options for inset fires. Free standing flueless gas stove options, flueless plasma wall mounted flueless gas Fires, flueless gas Hang-on-the-Wall options and flueless gas inset fire options. This technology effectively ‘cleans’ the combustion gases, converting Carbon Monoxide into harmless Carbon Dioxide. Flueless gas fires incorporate an Oxygen Depletion Sensor ODS which will detect if oxygen levels are low in the room and cuts the gas supply. With a catalytic converter providing the safety of patented emissions technology concealed within the fire, there is no need for a flue or chimney.

Flueless Stoves.
Looking for a gas fire but don´t have a chimney or flue? Flueless fires are the perfect hang-on-the-wall, no chimney solution to instant warmth. The 100% efficient Burley Ambience flueless gas stove offer the look of a traditional wood burning stoves with the convenience of gas and can be situated anywhere in your home subject to minimum room sizes. The Burley Ambience is available for both natural gas or LPG and boasts a impressive 3.5kW heat output. As with all flueless gas fires, the freestanding Burley Ambience would require a 100cm2 air vent within the room where the fire is installed and a minimum 40m3 room size (length x width x height).

Landscape Flueless Gas Fires.
Landscape Glass fronted flueless wall hung gas fires offer the perfect balance of innovation and style. Gas output 2.0kw. Suitable for Class 1, Class 2 and Pre-Cast Flues. No Chimney or Flue.

Ensuring adequate ventilation in the room.
Check to see if an air brick/air vent is located in your room. Many new homes will already have one fitted. If your room does not have an air vent fitted that is a minimum of 100cm² vented directly to the outside, then one will need to be installed.


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Fight rising energy costs with fuel-efficient stoves from

Multi fuel stoves burn: Wood, shelled corn, corn cobs, wood pellets, cherry pits, pecan shells, olive pits and more. Multi fuel stoves are very effective at providing efficient heat. A multi fuel stove has a special grate to allow air to flow in beneath it enabling you to get the most out of your chosen fuel. Also, the ash drops into an ash pan for easy cleaning. The right wood stove, used correctly, keeps wood flaming until it is reduced to coals. Regularly remove ashes from the wood stove into a metal container with a cover and store outdoors.
Wood burning stoves and fireplace inserts provide low heating costs, energy independence and great radiant heat that many consumers value highly. With stoves being more efficient than ever, wood burning & multi-fuel appliances are a great way to heat your home very cost effectively. Burning wood is efficient, inexpensive and carbon-neutral. Also wood is a renewable energy source unlike gas or coal. Burn only dry, well-seasoned wood that has been split properly.

 A stove will also be the focal point of your living space. The end result is a multi-fuel stove that stunningly enhances your home decor and is versatile enough to burn shelled corn, wood pellets, cherry pits, waste paper pellets, and a host of other fuels. An old or poorly installed wood stove can result in higher maintenance costs, greater risk of smoke in your home, and more environmental pollution. Wood smoke is waste. Any smoke that escapes from your wood stove unburned is wasted fuel that will stick in your chimney as creosote or be released as air pollution. Manufacturers do make stoves in colors other than the traditional black. Carron coloured multi fuel stoves can be viewed at
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