Google vs Fireplace shop sales in Huyton, Liverpool UK.

29 May

“Say no to internet fireplace sales and secure local Huyton Jobs” from Liverpool Fires and Stoves Ltd.

Are you thinking of searching for your fireplace on Google. Why surrender all your money to an out of town stranger, and be left in the house for up to 8 hours, supplied with vague delivery times in the hope the courier company hasn’t dropped your fireplace on-route to your home. It’s well known amongst the UK fireplace shop trade that internet fireplace companies operate from small overheads and very small profit margins. With the introduction of 2011’s VAT increase and spiralling petrol prices, these profits are now eroded.  It’s only a matter of time before they go bust leaving the customer with no backup and sometimes no products. And with no fixed place of business where does the customer take their grievance?

Liverpool Fires and Stoves,

Liverpool Fires and Stoves Ltd

In these uncertain economic times it’s important for the local economy to flourish and safe guard North West jobs. Internet sales pick pocket the hard earned cash off North West people and feather the nests of other UK cities. We say secure local jobs – buy local, buy it in Huyton. Only in the confounds of a bricks and mortar fireplace centre can you touch and feel the fireplace of your dreams. Granted price may win the day with some Google shoppers however to physically examine your fireplace and stand in front of the fire that’s going to warm you right through can’t be articulated over the telephone or fully appreciated online. It’s likened trying to describe the colour orange to a blind folded person. Only in your local Huyton Liverpool fireplace showroom are you able to see, feel, and touch the fireplace of your dreams.

Liverpool Fires and Stoves Ltd is open 7 days supplying gas fires, electric fires, fireplaces and multi fuel stoves to the Liverpool area. Liverpool Fires and Stoves offer a non-buying online catalogue at  however all purchases MUST be completed in the Liverpool Fires and Stoves showroom, based in Liverpool, UK. More than 75% of our fires and fireplaces are developed using local skilled tradesmen and manufacturers safeguarding local jobs and keeping money in our great city of Liverpool.
Joe Black

Liverpool Fires and Stoves Ltd Opening Times:
Mon – Sat 10-5pm, (closed Wednesdays)

86 Liverpool Road, Huyton,
Liverpool L36 3RF. UK

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